Single Missing Tooth in Tigard, OR

Single Missing Tooth in Tigard, ORThe number one replacement option for a single missing tooth is now considered to be dental implants. Tigard patients in the past had only one solution to choose from: a fixed bridge. However, this was found to cause further complications that would later result in additional tooth loss. These days, the standard solution is dental implants. Tigard patients will experience minimal to no complications from the treatment. This is because with dental implants, Tigard patients are getting a tooth implant that looks and functions almost identically to a natural tooth.

Traditional procedures pose major risks of complication. For example, a fixed bridge relies on adjacent teeth to hold it in place. This will cause damage to these otherwise healthy teeth and possibly result in further tooth loss. With dental implants, Tigard patients are not putting other teeth at risk. A tooth implant is completely self-sustainable and does inflict harm on any other teeth. In fact, with dental implants, Tigard patients can increase their oral health by providing stimulation to the bone and soft tissue. Also, because of the titanium structure, a tooth implant is resistant to decay. A fixed bridge, however, will actually cause adjacent teeth to decay faster by requiring that enamel be removed.

With dental implants, Tigard patients can replace either single or multiple missing teeth. The first way to do this is to put an individual tooth implant wherever there is a missing tooth. The second way to do this is by creating an implant supported bridge. This is similar to a normal fixed bridge, except that it is supported by dental implants. Tigard patients can use this method in areas where there are multiple missing teeth in a row. Because the bridge is not supported by natural teeth, but dental implants, Tigard patients do not have to risk inflicting further harm.

With dental implants, Tigard patients are getting a long term solution for their problem. Dental bridges, on the other hand, have a 30% failure rate and generally need to be replaced every five to seven years. Not only does
this make dental implants more sustainable, but also more cost effective.

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