Laser vs Osseous Surgery in Tigard, OR

Laser Gum Surgery vs. Traditional Gum Surgery Tigard, OR

Before making the decision to forego traditional gum disease surgery, Tigard residents should know what the benefits of laser surgery treatments are. Traditional gum surgery uses a scalpel to cut away the tissue and then stitches it back into place. The result is a considerable amount of pain and bleeding. In some cases, bone or tissue grafting may be needed to achieve reattachment. Laser surgery treatments, on the other hand, can remove tissue infected by gum disease, such as gingivitis, without cutting away healthy tissue.

The Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP®) does not require a blade or stitches to remove diseases such as gingivitis. Laser surgery treatments are minimally invasive and have very few negative side effects. This is because LANAP® uses a highly intelligent laser that is able to distinguish between healthy and diseased tissue. This is how we are able to remove bacteria and disease from your gums without harming the healthy tissue.

Following is a list of some of the main advantages to laser surgery treatments:

Laser Gum Surgery vs. Traditional Gum Surgery Tigard, ORLess pain – Because laser surgery treatments do not require use of a scalpel or sutures, patients experience much less pain. There is rarely a need for prescription pain medication after the procedure.

Less recession – Traditional gum surgery can reduce the gum line as much as 15mm. Because LANAP® does not require any healthy tissue be removed, there is almost no recession. This is important because gum recession can lead to a number of health and aesthetic concerns.

Less down time – Patients very rarely require pain medication following laser surgery treatments. This means that you can get right back to your daily routine the very same day.

More predictable in the long term
– Because there is a shorter healing period with laser surgery treatments, there is less risk of infection. Laser surgery treatments are also able to stimulate the bone and tissue surrounding the tooth root, promoting regrowth. This allows us to save teeth that may have previously been removed.

As technology advances, we remain committed to providing our patients with up-to-date dental care. LANAP® is the latest innovation in gum disease treatment.

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